Our Products

Ans. Public Buy and Sell has been providing its selling services for over 10 years in Dubai.

Ans. Our complete products include, selling business, clothes, books and courses, domains, sports equipment, cars and accessories, toys and games, tickets and vouchers, jewellery and watches, collectibles and gifts and tickets and vouchers.

Ans. The two main reasons to sell your product with us are:
• Opportunity to put your products in front of hundred and thousands of potential customers.
• The ability to sell fast before you set up a website or a physical store.

Ans. We have especially designed our products keeping in view high quality standards. We are an established company and all our products from clothes to jewellery to gift are of high quality.

Ans. We accept online credit cards and debit cards. We also have the option of sending you money online.

Ans. You can track your shipment by sending us an email or by contact us directly on our phone number.

Ans. We offer special discounts to our valuable customers from time to time. So, keep visiting our website regularly to know about our special discounts and offers.

Ans. You can list your products in most categories. However, for certain products, you will need prior approval.

Ans. Whenever one of your products is sold, we will notify you through email.

Ans. You can contact us through email (Add email) or phone (add phone number).